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Seasonal Wines to Enjoy!

Seasonal Themed

Buzza's Delight -Crisp and refreshing with green apple harvest flavors and Riesling grapes.  Warm it up with cinnamon sticks and cloves for hot apple pie in a wine glass! Vines to Cellar

Candy Apple -Made from honeycrisp apples, it tastes like apple pie!  Can be served hot or cold and you get 2 servings on apples in every glass. Armstrong Apples Orchard & Winery

Carousel Candy -This wine is just like biting into a nut-covered caramel apple, perfect for crisp days and chilly evenings. Trout Springs Winery

Hallowine -A sweet apple wine heavily spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg.  Serve warm for a sassy substitute. Door Peninsula Winery

Harvest - Our dry red with notes of light cherry and hints of oaky spice int he finish.  It's the perfect pairing for the outdoor barbecue.  Rock 'n Wool Winery

Merlot-Ho-Ho - The flavor of plum and spices with added mulling spices and a sweetness that appeals. Serve warmed with a cinnamon stick and red fruit...it warms both the body and the soul.  Water 2 Wine

Pumpkin Spiced Honey Wine - What better than the taste of pumpkin and spices to think of Fall.  This mead brings out so many delicious flavors.  Duck Creek Vineyard and Winery

Witches Brew - This autumn-themed semi-dry red wine blends Syrah with plum and strawberry wines.  Door Peninsula Winery

Cranberry Wines

Autumn Harvest - Enjoy the taste of autumn with the tantalizing blend of cranberries and Honeycrisp apples.  Serve chilled with pork tenderloin.  Lautenbach's Orchard Country

Cranberry - Made from fresh Wisconsin cranberries, this sweet and tart wine is a must have for fall.  Forgotten Fire Winery

Cranberry - Rich, like cranberry sauce in a glass!  Starts out sweet, moves into a big burst of cranberry and then follows with a touch of tartness.  Made entirely from Wisconsin grown fruit. Spurgeon Vineyards & Winery

Cranberry Blush - is a limited release, semi-sweet blush wine.  Cranberries combines with white grapes during fermentation give this wine its subtle blend of both tart and sweet.  River Bend Vineyard

Glacial Lake Cran-Grape - This wine has the nice fall flavor of cranberries balanced with sweet white grapes.  It goes great with a fall campfire.  Sunset Point Winery

Wisconsin's Original Cranberry Wine - Made exclusively from Wisconsin-grown cranberries with no added grapes, juices, flavors or concentrates and our number-one selling wine since 1972.  Three Lakes Winery
Specialty Wines

Chardonel - A fruit forward lightly oaked white wine that was made in the traditional Chardonnay style.  A wonderful crisp dr wine that pairs nicely before donner with spicy cheeses or during dinner with Thanksgiving turkey, chicken or shellfish. Cold Country Vines & Wines

Gewurztraminer - A perfect companion for your game day appetizers and cheese.  An aromatic, semi-sweet white wine with flavors reminiscent of candied fruit.  Best served chilled.  Cedar Creek Winery

Gluhwein - A red wine with several mulling spices gives you that toasty warm feeling.  Serve it warm or room temperature.  Duck Creek Vineyard and Winery

Ruby Nouveau - First taste of the harvest. Nouveau day celebrated Thursday, November 19th with the debut of the 2015 vintage.  Wollersheim Winery & Distillery

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