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Summer Fun!

Apricot Spritzer - It's Delight, our sweet dessert-style apricot wine, topped with club soda and a slice of lime. It's the perfect refreshing drink for a warm spring day. Infinity Beverages 

Arturo Bianco - an aromatic blend of muscat and sauvignon blanc, perfect to get you thinking of warmer weather to come.

Blueberry - Semi-Sweet wine produced from Michigan harvested blueberries. Crisp, cool, and refreshing. Aromatic blueberry and peach bouquet; delightful apple, kiwi, and blueberry flavors throughout. Great color. An easy summertime quaff. Fisher King Winery

Blueberry Tart - Sassy & sweet, this limited edition blueberry wine is made from young whole berries, crushed and blended to tart perfection. With citrus aroma, a fruity fully body and sweet smooth finish, this is a vibrant addition to our portfolio of semi-sweet handcrafted fruit wines. Three Lakes Winery

Cherry Blossom - Semi-sweet, enjoy the slightly tart flavor of fresh-picked Montmorency cherries. Enjoy chilled with grilled pork chops. Lautenbach's Orchard Country Winery

Country Rhubarb-'shouts' spring. Apple Barn Orchard & Winery

Drink Pink! - Sweet, aromatic, intense, full-bodied, and balanced rosé wine. Parallel 44 Winery

Glowing Embers -A spicy, German-style white wine with a subtle sweetness of honey and crisp citrus, with undertones of peach and apple. Serve chilled. Semi-Dry INTERNATIONAL GOLD MEDAL WINNER.  Forgotten Fire Winery

Gold Leaf -A light sweet maple syrup wine.....you've got to try this one! It will surprise you!  Munson Bridge Winery

Loreley White -Great for picnics, Highland White for the patio pounder, and White Sangria, and Cranberry with a splash of orange pop for a Mimosa.Spurgeon Vineyards

LOVE Strawberry- Bursts with flavor and finishes very sweet. Made from 100% strawberries we called it LOVE because that's what you feel when you drink it. The color and aroma are bright strawberry. It's like sitting in a field of strawberries and being able to reach every ripe berry and enjoying the juice running down your mouth and being licked up by the sun.

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Marquette Rose’ –Made from Wisconsin grown Marquette grapes, this off-dry rose’ is crisp and bright with notes of dark cherry and fresh raspberry, perfect for spring on the patio! River Bend Vineyard and Winery

Meadow Song Moscato -Satin in a glass. Our 2015 limited release Moscato entreats with an aromatic pear nose and sweet varietal flavors of honeysuckle and tangerine. The wine finishes clean with honey and tropical fruit. Fisher King Winery

Nights on Noquebay - Nights on Noquebay is a light, crisp, semi-dry white wine with mouthwatering notes of ruby red grapefruit and inviting aromas of a fresh flower garden. Savor your Nights on Noquebay with the catch of the day. Serve chilled. Semi-Dry INTERNATIONAL BRONZE MEDAL WINNER.  Falling Waters Winery

Northern Lights - The light and fruity taste of Northern Lights hints of fresh apples combined with the smoothness of grape. Enjoy chilled with grilled foods such as seafood, poultry, or porkAutumn Harvest Winery

Sauvignon Blanc - This wine is a sumptuously fruit forward ensemble loaded with a plethora of mouthwatering aromas and flavors including gooseberry, melon, fig, pear, apricot, passion fruit and guava. A juicy wine with rich body yet supple mouth feel. Captain's Walk Winery

Spring Peeper-semi-sweet white wine made with Geisenheim and Riesling. The Spring Peepers are the small noisy frogs that come out in the Spring.Hawk's Mill Winery

Strawberry Bliss –Nothing beats the taste and aroma of fresh strawberries and chocolate. You will taste the strawberries with a chocolate finish.O'Neil Creek Winery

Sweet Cheeks -A semi-sweet La Crescent/Marquette/St Pepin blend rose. Perfect by itself for sipping or with a nice dark chocolate truffle. Elmaro Vineyard

Watermelon Crawl - says summer all the way! This wine is a sweet blend of watermelon balanced with white merlot grapes to create tastes of a fresh slice of watermelon. Duck Creek Winery

When Things Get Serious

Liquid Happiness -A sweet blend of Muscato and Sauvignon Blanc that many brides use for their wedding receptions.  Northleaf Winery, LLC

Matrimonia -A perfect blend of port wine and fair-trade Guatemalan coffee beans. One-of-a-kind, limited production. Lewis Station Winery

Wedding Wine -A light character white, just slightly sweet with a hint of strawberry flavor.Door Peninsula Winery

Specialty Wines

Cabernet Sauvignon - Aged for 16 months in French American oak barrels, the medium bodied Cabernet Sauvignon boasts toasty tannins.  A smooth finish gives way to rich and complex aromas of violets, plum and cassis.  Limited production- Harbor Ridge Winery

Whiskey Barrel Aged Red -Out went Infinity's Whiskey and in went a mix of Syrah, Pinot Noir, and Zinfandel. Distinctive notes of whiskey and prominent flavors of charred oak.  A very bold, dry red wine that is perfect for sipping along side a campfire.  One-of-a-kind, limited release. Infinity Beverages

The Wine Press

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A key determinant of a wine's age and quality.

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Competitions Won

The Chiselled Grape Winery won 10 medals from the American Wine Society in the Commercial Winery Competition.  

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