The Wisconsin Winery Association (WWA) is a membership organization of the permitted wineries located here.  Together, we support winery owners with information on regulations and legislation; through education, WWA assists winemakers with the production of quality wines and for consumers, WWA promotes the state's beautiful wineries and the wonderful wines produced here.

As consumers, we encourage you to use this website to learn about Wisconsin wines, to plan a tour of the state's beautiful wineries and to taste our exquisite wines!  Visiting wineries is the perfect way to truly experience Wisconsin’s incredible variety of wines. Meet the winemakers, see the vineyards and orchards, tour the wineries and—best of all—taste the wines!  Eclectic, fun, scenic, full of history and personality, you’ll love visiting Wisconsin’s independent wineries. 

Gaze out over Lake Superior or a lush green valley, take in the exquisite sun-soaked hillside vineyards, breathe the fresh air in the wind-swept orchards - what are you waiting for? Start planning your own tour today!
The Wisconsin Winery Association (WWA) is run by a Board of Directors that is made up of four officers and five regional directors. For 2017, the following members make up the WWA Board of Directors:

President:  Alwyn Fitzgerald, Fisher King Winery
Vice President:  Ryan Prellwitz, Vines & Rushes Winery
Secretary:  Lynita Delaney, Elmaro Vineyard
Treasurer:  Penny Danzinger, Danzinger Vineyards
Northwoods Region:  Christine Bluhm, Dancing Dragonfly Winery
Fox Valley Region:  Craig Fletcher, Mona Rose Winery
Door County Region:  Steve Johnson, Door 44 Winery
Glacial Hills Region:  Tom Nye, The Blind Horse Winery
Driftless Region:  Gene Bergholz, Branches Winery
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